Have an Aquarium or Pond? Then you need this!

SCK - Portraits-8306-2-2Dr. Sanders here on a beautiful morning in Santa Cruz. Our store is up and running, so if you have the chance, please stop by!

At Santa Cruz Koi, we pride ourselves on staff education and training, so they can pass their knowledge into you, the fish-parent.

For starters, if you own any fish, reptiles or amphibians, you know that keeping the water clean is a full-time job. A surprising number of wet pet owners do not know they have to perform regular water changes, or even test their water chemistry! For those of you who have never tested or have an old test kit (greater than 1 year), we recommend you start testing NOW!

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In addition to the master test kit, we recommend adding on the kH test kit. kH or the alkalinity of your pond is critical to protect against pH swings.

Here are some parameters you should aim for:

Ammonia: 0 mg/L

Nitrite: 0 mg/L

pH: 7.0-8.5

Nitrate: pond-dependent

kH: >100 mg/L

For all of our veterinarian recommended products, please see our store website.